“Beary” Special Valentine Treats – another alternative to candy (with printable cards!)

Here’s a cute idea for non-candy Valentine treats using Teddy Graham cookies.  It’s particularly great if you have a toddler in preschool and you want to give treats to the class without having to resort to candy that the little ones most likely can’t have.


“You Are Beary Special” Teddy Graham Valentines – alternative to candy!

And since this blog is all about stretching our dollar, it’s frugal too!  I was able to make 10 Valentine’s for Bug’s class for less than $3.00!

I bought a bag of Teddy Bear cookies (generic Teddy Grahams) from the Dollar Aisle of Food Giant – just $1!

A pack of Valentine bags from the Dollar Tree – just $1!  (and these are even resealable ones!)   You can also browse Valentine treat bag options at Amazon here.

You are “beary” special cards printed on cardstock – This was a printable that I made!  You can print your own copies of the “Beary” Special Valentine Cards here.

The cookie bag said there were 12 servings in the bag, I was able to get 10 baggies out if it.  I put a little more than a serving size in each one (and maybe ate a couple…).  It filled each baggie halfway.  To completely fill each baggie I would’ve needed another bag of cookies.

Here’s the finished product:

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