Perfect Pirate Party Supplies | from Discount Party Supplies

Are you looking for the perfect pirate party supplies for your birthday party?  We just recently had pirate party.  Bug loves all things pirates and while we didn’t have a total Jake party, he requested some Jake and the Neverland Pirate things too!

The one problem, when I started looking for party supplies, Jake ones were impossible to find.  None of the stores had them.

Thank goodness for!  They have a great selection of Jake and the Neverland Pirates party supplies.  They’ve even just recently expanded their selection – they have even more Jake party supplies that they did a few weeks ago.  Cups, plates, napkins, cake decorations, party favors, balloons – it’s the best selection of Jake party supplies I’ve seen anywhere!

If you’re looking for just general pirate party supplies they have an equally great selection of those also.  They have some of the cutest girl pirate party supplies!

I was really stumped about what I was going to do about a cake.  Then I saw the Pirate Adventure Cake Decorating Kit and I knew it would be PERFECT!    What do you think?  Did I pull it off?

Arrrrgh, matey!  I hope you pull off the perfect pirate party too.  Or I’ll make ye walk the plank!  ;)

Check out the great place we held the birthday party too!

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