Operation Christmas Child Box Packed | Another 10-14 Year Old Girl Box

Here’s is the second 10-14 year old girl box I’ve packed for this year.  (You can see the first one here).  I have exceeded my goal of 6 boxes packed this year!    This is my 7th box!

It has the hygiene items that every box gets (soap, washcloth, toothbrushes, toothpaste) and because it’s for the older child category, I included deodorant.   It has the basics – school supplies, markers and crayons and a coloring book.  And I included stickers, a card game, small craft kit, a storybook, a puzzle, and a  stuffed toy.

I really hope she (whoever she will be) will like this box!

What is Operation Christmas Child?  In a nutshell, it’s a charity that delivers boxes of gifts to children in the poorest parts of the world every year.  This year, OCC will deliver it’s ONE MILLIONTH shoebox! You can find out more about how to participate at SamaritansPurse.org.

Follow along as I spend all year couponing to Operation Christmas Child!  Find out how you can do it too! 

Do you need ideas for what to include in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox?  Check out the boxes I’ve packed for each category:

2-4 Boy / 2-4 Girl / 5-9 Boy / 5-9 Girl / 10-14 Boy / 10-14 Girl

It’s not too late to participate!  Collection week starts November 12, 2012, OR you can Build a Box Online!

Don’t forget to use the follow your box option so you can find out where your boxes went!  Last year my boxes went to Uganda!

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