Walgreens Summer Clearance | Check for Cheap Clothing Items for Operation Christmas Child Boxes

20120720-205220.jpgI found Walgreens summer clearance section to be very beneficial for my Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes last year.  I found t-shirts and flip flops for $0.75-$1.00.  Using RRs, I paid nothing out of pocket for these items that I knew would be valuable to the children that received them.

Walgreens has already started marking down their summer stuff so keep your eyes peeled!  I didn’t see any shirts priced low enough yet for my liking and there weren’t any $1 or less flip-flops (give it time, there will be some!) BUT what I did get, were $0.67 baseball caps!  If you’ll look at that green 33% off sign, it’s for the hats directly above it.  And they are only $1 regular price!  So after 33% off, they’re only $0.67!  I picked up on as a filler item in my transaction.  I paid nothing for it and I plan to use in in my shoebox for an older boy.

I can’t wait to start packing shoeboxes!!

Find out more about Operation Christmas Child and how a couponer can help!  Check out my Couponing for OCC journey last year too!

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