Winn-Dixie Pharmacies now offer Pet Medications

If you have a furry friend, you probably agree that pet medications are by far one of the largest expenses for pet owners and many seek solutions to offset these costs.

Winn-Dixie is now fulfilling pet medications in all of its pharmacies. While most pet owners need to pick up pet medications at the vet, this service is extremely convenient allowing you to shop for groceries and pick up medications all in one location. 

Through a unique partnership with Center Pet Pharmacies, all Winn-Dixie pharmacies can now accept and fill ALL pet medications currently available in the market. Prescriptions are available for Winn-Dixie pharmacy fulfillment by dropping them off or having them called in by a veterinarian. Most crossover medications — human generics also used for pets — are filled in the same day, and special compounds typically only within 24 – 48 hours. Pet medications fulfilled by Winn-Dixie will also include personalized instructions similar to when human medicines are filled and delivered.

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