Pins of the Week! (Our Week According to Pinterst)

Ok, so I haven’t exactly figured out what I’m going to call this weekly post.  If you have an idea, let me know.  But I mentioned last week that at the end of each week (ok, more or less, I realize it is the first day of the week…but whatever) I’m going to post pins that we did that week.  Since the whole point of Pinterest is to find ideas to try not just ideas to look at.

So this week (last week, whatever), Bug checked out The Very Hungry Caterpillar on Barnes and Noble’s online storytime page.  We also experimented with some of these Science Discovery Bottle ideas.  And I pinned this Pirate Preschool Pack for later.

I mixed up a batch of homemade fabric refresher spray (better than Febreze!)

I made cinnamon toast for breakfast one morning.

And, I’ve been wanting more hydrangea bushes in my yard.  So I clipped some stems from my bush so I could follow the directions on this pin on how to root (propagate) hydrangeas.

And finally, my favorite funny pin of the week:

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