Frugal Kid’s Craft: Donald Duck Sponge Boats

Each week Momondealz brings us a kids craft that is fun, educational, and frugal.

June 9th is Donald Duck’s birthday so here is a fun craft centered around this loved character!

Donald Duck Antonynm Boats

Printouts of Donald Duck’s picture

1. Cut the sponges in half.
2. Cut the straws in half.
3. Poke holes in the middle of the sponges.
4. Find and print pictures of Donald Duck ( just do a google image search and choose the one you like). Label them with antonyms (opposites)
5. Cut small slits in the top and bottom of the pictures and insert the straws into the picture.
6. Insert the straws/ pictures into the sponges and you have Donald Duck boats!

Educational Activities

  • Language Arts: Read the Duck and Goose series. We read A Book of Opposites (Duck & Goose) and used the words from this book. You could also label the ducks with the alphabet, sight words, or whatever skill your child needs practice.
  • Math: Label the ducks with numbers and have your child create math problems using the numbered ducks.
  • Science: Discuss with your child the habitat that a duck would live in. You can create a pond picture with your child and have ducks floating around the habitat.

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