Awesome Walmart Clearance Finds!

I hit Walmart on a VERY good day!  The first thing you need to know when you want to find some clearance deals is where to look inside your store.

First place I went on this trip was an aisle between toys and the garden center.  Lots of random clearance things on that aisle.  I found some stickers for $.25, small toys for $.75 and a father’s day card for $1.00.  (They toys and stickers are going in my Operation Christmas Child stash).

Then I hit up the baby department for baby clothes on clearance – my favorite kind!  The two Walmarts I shop at usually have a designated rack somewhere in the baby department where they keep their clearance.

I got two onesies and a sleeper for my baby shower gift stash at $1.00 a piece!  And I got two 12 month shirts for my nephew, also $1.00 each!

Then I got lucky because they had a couple racks out in the main aisle with more clothes for only $1.00 a piece!  I found Bug two shirts.   Then in the boy’s department there was a table of sweatshirts and pants for $1.00!  I love buying clothes for $1.00!!

On the same racks that I found the two shirts there were some ladies’ shirts too – also just $1.00!  I got me three new tops!  The red one I don’t really like but I like the scarf and it was just $1.00 for the set!

Now I realize that it’s summer time and all these clothes are long sleeved but we’ve talked about buying clothes from the off-season clearance racks to save money.  Don’t worry, it will get cold again!

Do you like to find things on clearance at Walmart?


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