Wal-Mart Clearance

I was at Wal-Mart last night (having tires put on my car…fun!) and so I had to check out the clearance areas to see what they had!!

A smart shopper MUST know where the clearance areas in the store are. If you are looking for general merchandise, these are the places to hit first:

  • For Health & Beauty items – Check in the corner beside the pharmacy counter. Since the pharmacy is usually in the front of the store this is going to be along the front wall of the store.
  • For Seasonal Items – Check the aisle closest to the Garden center or in the Garden center. Often, somewhere in this area will be a section of random clearance from all over the store too.
  • For Toys and Sporting Goods – Check the aisle that separates the Toys from the Sporting Goods department . (This is usually the aisle with bicycles.)
  • For Sewing and Crafts – This department is usually found in the back of the store so check the back corner of the department. Also check the endcaps that face the back wall.
  • Baby items and clothes. Usually on an end cap. Also look for a hanging rack of clearance too.
  • Shoes – usually scattered out in the shoe department.
  • Curtains, sheets, bath towels, bath accessories, throw pillows, etc. If this department is in the back of the store, then check the back corner of the department.

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