Spring Cleaning! Clean out and clean up the Refrigerator!

I spent a good portion of my Spring Break actually Spring Cleaning. I know, fun, right? I have implemented a bunch of great tips and ideas into my Spring Cleaning process and I want to share them with you.

The first thing I tackled was the refrigerator. HATE cleaning the refrigerator because it never fails, something gets pushed back, knocked over, leaks something sticky and isn’t found for days…

Well, not anymore!  After I emptied the fridge of it’s contents and scrubbed the shelves, I applied Glad Press ‘n Seal to the shelves (bought with a coupon of course!)

Now, if something spills, I simply remove the affected wrap, rewrap with fresh wrap, and voila!  No scrubbing required!

I made sure to wrap the Press ‘n Seal completely over the edges so there’s no chance of anything seeping under it.

Just a note, unless you want to take your shelves out and let them warm up to room temperature before applying the wrap, you will have to press extra to get it to adhere to the shelves.  I’m assuming the “sealing” process is activated by a small amount of body heat when you’re pressing it so it takes a little longer applying to a cold surface.

Have you started Spring Cleaning yet?  How often do you clean out your fridge?  Do you have any fridge cleaning or organizing tips for us?

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