Money-Saving Tip! Laundry for Less!

When it comes to saving money, no amount is too small. When you find a money saving tip that works for you, run with it! All those little savings add up.

Here are some money-saving laundry tips:

  • Wash primarily in cold water.  Using hot or warm costs more because you are using your hot water heater to heat water.
  • Measure out less detergent.  As long as it’s not a heavily soiled load, less detergent will get it just as clean.
  • Expensive laundry detergent doesn’t mean cleaner clothes.  And using the same detergent over and over again causes build ups.  So buying what’s on sale and switching around your detergents is better!
  • Only wash dirty clothes!  If something was worn only once and not for very long, does it really need to be washed?
  • Cut dryer sheets in half.  They work just as well.
  • If you’re able to line dry things outside it’ll save you big!  Also, taking items out before they are completely dry (still slightly damp) and hanging them up to finish drying will save you some dryer time.  (Anything that has to be folded and put away I dry completely but I do this for all our hanging clothes!)
  • Used dryer sheets make great dusting cloths!  As you’re putting away the laundry you just folded you can take that used dryer sheet and swipe it over the nearest dusty surface!

Do you have a tip for saving on laundry (or anything?)  Please share with us!

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