Walgreens Black Friday Bargain Brag – over $24 profit!

I know, here I am with another late bargain brag, but just like with CVS,  I’m going to show you how far I can stretch the RR I got from my Black Friday deals!

I did a total of two transactions at Walgreens with a before tax total of $.72.

I got:

1 toothbrush 2pk

2 Gillette men face products

1 Preperation H Wipes

1 toothbrush

1 Wags Aleve equivalent

1 Advil PM

1 Crest

1 Colgate

1 Thermacare

2 Scunci hair bands

1 Cortaid cream

1 pack Dentek Flossers

4 gift sacks

And all those RR left over?  $25.25 worth!  (And remember, I only spent $.72!!)  So I came out of Walgreens with a $24.53 profit!