Build a Box online for Operation Christmas Child!

Did you follow along this year as I was purchasing items for Operation Christmas Child?  Did you see the six boxes I packed for less than $20?  Did you read about my boxes arriving in Uganda? 

Do you want to help?  I hope so!  I would like to challenge you to see how frugally you can pack a box (it’s ok, you can start with just one – but if you start now, I promise you’ll have more than one by next November!)

OR you can make a difference this year with OCC’s Build A Box campaign!

Build A Box is an online tool for people who may have missed packing a shoe box gift this year. You can also “Adopt” a box’s shipping costs or “Give” a box to a friend; they will be able to go online and pack a unique gift for a needy child overseas, even
uploading a photo and note of encouragement.

  • Build A Box is a fun and easy way to bless a needy child by giving a shoe box gift online.
  • You can customize your shoe box by selecting items from our list and adding a personal letter and photo.
  • A minimum contribution of $35 will be used to build and send a shoe box.
  • Visit the project’s website at, select a child’s age and gender, shop through an online selection of gifts, “pack” them in an empty shoe box, and finish it off with a noteof encouragement.
  • Then through tracking technology, donors can “follow” the box to the destination country where it will be hand-delivered.
  • In addition to building your own box online, you can also:
    • “Send” a box by making a donation of $35 to cover the cost of building a shoe box gift and shipping, and Operation Christmas Child will pack and send a box for you.
    • “Give” a friend, family member, or coworker the opportunity to build a box. Donate the amount and invite them to participate. Operation Christmas Child will send an email to them, giving them the privilege of packing  a shoe box gift for a needy child.
    • “Adopt” a shoe box for $7. Many shoe boxes Operation Christmas Child receives are not accompanied by a donation. Help cover the shipping cost to send them overseas.
  • Build A Box will be online through the end of the year.

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