Couponing 101 – part 1: Understanding a coupon

Since I can’t be everywhere and do coupon classes for everyone – watch for my “notes” from my coupon class in a series of posts this week!

Couponing 101 – Understanding a Coupon

Understanding a Coupon


The first step to using coupons properly and to your advantage is to understand coupons.  There are TWO kinds of coupons:

  • Manufacturer coupons

Clearly marked as “manufacturer coupon”
Has UPC code
Has expiration date (or is marked “no expiration date”)
Has a “remit to” address
Read fine print carefully

  • Store coupons

Clearly marked as a “store coupon”
May or may not have a UPC
Has an expiration date
Specific to the store that issued it (unless another store accepts it as competitor coupon)

Manufacturer coupons and store coupons can be used together in what is called “stacking” coupons.

Tips for using coupons:

  1. Read the coupon carefully.  Make sure you get the right brand, size, etc listed on the coupon.  If it says “10oz” you may only use it on the 10oz size of that product.  If it says “30ct or larger” you may use it on the 30 count of that product or any count size larger than 30, but not the 15 count product.
  2. Some coupons are $X off of a product.  Some are a $X off TWO products (or three or more).  Make sure you get how many products the coupon states it is good for.  You cannot use a $1/2 Shampoos when you have only purchased 1.  Nor can you use two manufacturers’ coupons for $1 off the same product.  You can however stack a $1 off manufacturer coupon with a $1 off store coupon and receive $2 off the product!
  3. Learn your store’s coupon policy.


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