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Money-saving tip! Save on garbage bags!

by Tabitha @ Saving Toward A Better Life on July 19, 2011 · 1 comment

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When it comes to saving money, no amount is too small. When you find a money saving tip that works for you, run with it! All those little savings add up.

Today’s tip helps you save money by not wasting garbage bags (cause those are expensive!)

  •  Use plastic shopping bags as garbage bags in smaller trash cans.  It recycles the shopping bags and saves you from purchasing rolls of small bags.
  • Use plastic shopping bags as dirty diaper bags.  Or for cleaning up after the dog or cleaning out the cat litter box.  Again, saves on purchasing specialty bags for this purpose.
  • Don’t take out the trash in a partially empty bag!  That’s wasted space.  If the garbage must go out (because, hey, sometimes it needs to) I will find something to put in.  I’ll empty smaller trash cans into it or find something in the fridge that needs to be thrown out.  I won’t let a garbage bag leave this house if it’s got extra space in it!  I’ll find something that needs to be thrown out!
  • Use boxes to take out the trash.  Don’t just throw away empty boxes when you get a large package.  I’ll go around the house and tidy up, emptying small trash cans, pick up the newspaper/magazines etc that need to go out.  

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1 Amy October 1, 2011 at 9:36 pm

OMGoodness…Thank you,thank you for mentioning this…My husband made this a rule for our home about a year & a half ago. Around that time I had just purchased a small box of trash bags & after all of this time,I still have well over half of the box of trash bags left!!! Trash bags are so expensive & really a big waste of money when its something we literally throw away. Awesome tip that REALLY does save a huge chunk of money!!


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