"Extreme Couponing" Tip: Get multiple copies of your Sunday Paper

I used to think that what I did as a couponer was “extreme” until I saw the show Extreme Couponing. Now, I find what I do to be more practical. But to someone who has never couponed before, what I do may look extreme.

So, if you want to be “extreme” like me, here’s one of my tips:

Get multiple copies of the Sunday Paper.

If you want to get multiple sale items and multiple deals, you need multiple coupons. And the only way to do that is get multiple copies of the Sunday paper.

Did you know that you can get more than one subscription to the paper? I get two Sunday papers delivered to my house.

Dollar Tree sells papers for $1.00. But they sell out FAST especially when the inserts are hot!

You can also get them from an old fashioned paper box. There’s one at a little service station not far from my house that I like to stop at on Sunday morning. It’s never out. :)

CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc. sell them too. But you’ll pay the most there.

You can also order coupons from a coupon clipping service like The Coupon Clippers.

Ask friends, family and neighbors if they use their coupons. They might be willing to save the inserts for you.

And you can dumpster dive for coupons, if that’s your cup of tea. :)

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