Organizing your Coupons: Coupon Binders

I am ALL about my coupon binder now!  A year ago I didn’t think I would use a binder but now I love it!  I have a Case-It Binder that I bought second-hand.  It’s awesome!  It has two sets of 3 rings.  It have plenty of pockets and it came with folders.  I use the folders to store my receipts by month and rebate forms that I want to use.  And it zips up completely!  Love that feature.  Mine also had a carrying strap but it broke.  :(

Here are some Case It binders from Amazon.  They are a bit pricey but you want to get a good one.  Just a cheap plastic 3 ring binder is not going to hold up.  It doesn’t have pockets to hold pens, calculators and scissors (which are necessary binder items!)  Also, since it doesn’t zip, you’re coupons aren’t safe from, say, dropping your binder in a puddle while loading groceries on a rainy day.

I think the second one is most like the one I have.


Here is what it looks like on the inside.  I had originally outfitted it with 25 Nine-Pocket Pages.  Well, it was quickly determined that 25 was NO WHERE NEAR ENOUGH for it to be an effective coupon binder.

So, I set out to get some more.  I thought nine pockets (3 rows of 3 pockets) were the only way they came.  And since coupons come in all shapes and sizes sometimes they didn’t fit and had to be folded.  That was a little frustrating.

But then I discovered eight-pocket pages.
These pockets are vertical instead of horizontal.  The opening is at the top so it’s wider than in the 9 pocket pages and much easier to get my coupons in and out.  It accommodates wider coupons that don’t fit down the narrow openings of the nine pocket pages.

I think a good coupon binder needs both kinds of inserts because the nine pockets are good for long skinny coupons (like catalinas!)  Here is a picture where you can better see the difference in the two.

You can buy both kinds of pocket pages from Amazon.


So, do you use a coupon binder or not?  Tell us about it!

This was NOT a paid post or review by Case-it, Amazon or Ultra Pro.  This is an instructional post based on my own experiences and written on my own terms.  This post does contain affiliate links.

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One thought on “Organizing your Coupons: Coupon Binders

  1. I can't say that I 'use' a coupon binder yet, but I do have one all nice and new! My timing has been off so I haven't been able to utilize my coupons at the store quite yet. I hope to, soon! I couldn't find the 8 and 9 slot sheets, so I have been making due with 3 pocket picture sheets and 10 pocket business card holder sheets. They are super tough to fit large coupons in – so my origami has gotten a work out. Anyway, I'm enjoying the binder and hope to use it soon!

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