Ready for Summer? Fun? Sun? Barbeques?

Ugh…I’m not sure I’m ready for any of it. It’s been 90 degrees here the last THREE days and I’m already done with it! I’ve sweated too much! (And mind you, a week ago it was 57 degrees. We went from 57 degrees to 90 from Sunday to Friday – ridiculous, right?) Summer is not kind in the South. It starts in mid-May (sometimes late April) and lasts until mid-October. Not kidding!! My son was born on October 20th – it was close to 80 degrees the day I went into the hospital. You talk about a miserable pregnant woman!

But alas, it is inevitable. Summer must come. And if anything good comes from summer it’s lounging by the pool and barbeques. Which, as a matter of fact, we fired up our grill for the first time of the season this afternoon and grilled some DELICIOUS burgers. So, if I can have a burger like that a couple times a week then summer can’t be that bad, right? Ugh, just remove the heat and the mosquitoes please!

Our poor grill has been around for six years. It’s a charcoal grill. I’m not sure how long those things are supposed to last but I kinda think of them in dog years, which means ours is probably 43. I’d love to replace it. But we don’t have natural gas and I don’t like the idea of dealing with a propane tank. ,So….what to do?

Well, there is an alternative to charcoal and propane. The solution is an Electric BBQ Grill.


Yes, an electric grill. I think I’m in love. No messy charcoal to buy and deal with. No propane takes to buy and deal with.

Just electricity… and glorious hamburgers…

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