I love the thrift store!

I’ve already told you how much I love yard sales.  But I also love thrift stores!

There is a little thrift store down the road from me that frequently runs a 25 for $20 sale.

The picture is bad because I had to take it with my phone but I got:
2 pairs of shorts for my son
3 shirts for my son
2 outfits for my soon-to-be-nephew
18 shirts for ME!

All for $20!!

All were free of holes and stains and none were worn looking.  Of everything I bought, only two of the shirts didn’t fit (I’m pretty good at eyeballing the sizes and I knew these two would be iffy – but I wanted to try them).

The name brands of the clothes included:

Cherokee (Target)
Jumping Beans (Kohls)
Osh Kosh

Tommy Hilfiger
American Apparel
Hanes Perfect T (loves these shirts!)
Croft & Barrow (Kohls)
Bitten (Sarah Jessica Parker’s clothing line)
New York and Co
Riders by LEE

Two of the things I got even still have the tags on them!

Check out your thrift store.  You can save big by purchasing things someone else has tossed out!  :)

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