My (almost) finished coupon binder!

I’ve talked about my coupon binder before while it was quite the work-in-progress.  I am just about finished with it. 

I need to add some more pocket pages to it and finish clipping all my coupon inserts.  I also need some more divider tabs.

But it’s definitely more functional than it was a few weeks ago.

Here’s more details:

I have two pocket folders in the front.  I keep a months worth of receipts in each pocket so I always have the current month’s receipts and the three previous months.  I keep these because you never know when rebates will pop up.  At the end of the month I’ll throw away the oldest receipts and start keeping the new months receipts.

Then of course, I have all my pages.  I have two different sizes – 9 pocket pages and 8 pocket pages.

Then I have tabbed dividers to help me easily find the category I am looking for.

Hopefully by next weekend I’ll be completely finished with it and I can test it out on a shopping trip!

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