Markup Monday – What are you really paying for?

Guest Post from Budget Savvy Diva

Markup Mondays – where we take a look at one type of product and the % of average markup. Markup is the amount of cost that is placed on a product after the cost of ( production, transport, advertising; ingredients). Make sure to come back every week – some will shock you – it will really be difficult to pay the retail price of some of these product again.

Today’s Product:  Bottled Water

Markup: Up to 4,000%


How to avoid this cost:

Take the time to plan – and use filtered water – good for your wallet and the earth.

$aving Toward A Better Life adds: Buy a reusable water bottle that you can refill and reuse!  I have a Brita pitcher that I can filter my own water through and just fill my bottle as needed.  I fill it and take it with me when I’m running errands or grocery shopping, etc, so I’m not tempted to buy a bottle of water!

What products do you think HAVE huge markups???

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