Money-Saving Tip! Diluting Your Kids’ Juice

Have you seen the Mott’s for Tots Apple Juice?  The one with 50% less sugar?  You know why it’s 50% less sugar?  Because it’s 50% more water.  It’s just watered down apple juice.

I have always diluted my son’s juice, whether it be apple juice or some other flavor (like a Juicy Juice Apple Strawberry flavor or something.)

I was at Publix one day and they had Mott’s on BOGO.  I saw the Mott’s for Tots so I thought, hey we’ll try this kind.  When I got home, I realized that I had just paid more for less juice.  Because I can buy a 64oz thing of juice and get 128oz from it when I dilute it.  The Mots for Tots is already diluted.  So I only had 64oz when I usually get the 128oz from it.  :/

Lesson learned!

The easiest way to dilute juice is to save an old bottle.  When you buy a new bottle, pour half in the empty bottle and fill both with water.

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