SNOW DAY Blog Hop!

 Who is having a snow day today?  We are!

I live just a little northeast of Birmingham, AL. 
We didn’t get quite as much as expected (they we’re predicting 4-8 inches, we got maybe 2) and it’s more ice than snow.  Which is why I took pictures standing on the porch.  Too treacherous to try to walk down the steps!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a SNOW DAY BLOG HOP!

The linky is at the bottom of the post.  You can get the code and post it in your own blog post.  Also, it would be nice if you posted a picture or two of your snow day!  (Since, after all, this is a snow day blog hop!)

This blog hop will be open for as long as I’m home from work due to snow days!  (Which is at least through Tuesday!)  I will feature EACH BLOG that participates at some point during January!

This is a picture of my driveway….I’m pretty sure that’s a solid sheet of ice!  Anyway, link up below!  Check out some new blogs and follow them.  Be sure to follow back anyone that follows you.  (Hops only work if everyone follows back!)

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