Saturday’s Saving Tips – What can you live without?

We had to sit down last month and really think about what we were spending.  We’ve been living the “frugal” life for well over a year now.  We’ve been stretching our dollars and it really has made a difference.  But recently, we’ve found ourselves in a situation with less dollars to stretch.

So, we went through the budget.  We have to have food, transportation, shelter (and all the things that go with it – water and electricity), etc.  So what could we live without?  We had already ditched our landline telephone years ago.  Internet has to stay – no internet = no blog.  The only thing that was left was satellite TV.  So we cut it off.

We are saving $80 a month.

We had Directv and they will let you suspend your service for up to 6 months.  So that’s what we did.  If we keep it off the full 6 months, we will have saved $480!

Do we miss the TV?  No.  Not at all.  We have a DVR and everything we recorded to it is still accessible.  So Bug has a plethora of his favorite cartoons to watch (when we decided to cut the service, I recorded a few extra episodes of his favorite programs before it was off).  We also have DVDs for him to watch.  When it comes right down to it, he watched TV more than the rest of us.  Anything me or hubs watched can be streamed online through Hulu or the network channels’ websites.

I used to think I’d die if I didn’t have TV.  But as it turns out, we’re not missing out on anything.  And we’re saving money!

So tell me, what could you really live without???

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