Funny Coupon Experience (an odd place to find a coupon!)

So Sunday we went to my father-in-law’s church.  Since it’s a bit of a drive from our house, he took us out to lunch afterward.  We went to Cracker Barrel (mmmmmmmm….chicken and dumplings!)

Anyway, Hubs order a sausage biscuit platter and asked for mustard.  They brought him a bottle of French’s Mustard.  A minute or so later, I noticed something and started smiling.  Hubs said, “What?”

“There’s a coupon on your mustard bottle,” I said. 

“Well, get it off,” he said.

So I did.  :)))

That has to be the most unusual place I have ever found a coupon before!  (Not that it was on the bottle, but that the bottle was at a restaurant!)

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