Update on the $25.19 grocery budget…$2.82 left!

You can read my two posts earlier in the week about how I had $25.19 to get me through the rest of the month for groceries.  I spent 76c at CVS earlier in the week.  Here’s how I’ve spent the rest:

Quart of Publix Chocolate Milk = 59c after $1/dairy item Publix Baby Club coupon
3 Lunchmakers @ $1/ea           =$3
Publix Deli Sandwhich             =$2.99 after $1/deli item Publix Baby Club coupon
Digorno Pizza and Breadsticks =$2.50  after $2.49 sale savings and $3 coupon
6 Father’s Day/Grad cards         =$1.94  99c cards – used (2) $2/3 tearpad coupons
2 Pure Protein Bars                   =$1.98 after $2/2 from 5/23 RP
Publix Sandwich Bread             =FREE after coupon (free item coupon sent to me b/c of a complaint)
3 Gerber Gradutes li’l meals     =$2  after $1/3 Gerber Gradutes Publix Baby Club coupon
2 lbs Bananas                             =   37c  after $1/produce item Publix Baby Club coupon
Publix Apple Juice (64oz)        =    50c  after $1/Publix Apple Juice Publix Baby Club coupon

                          plus tax total = $18.36

Budget total left = $6.07


Huggies Jeans         = $6.99 after sale and coupon
4 Fig Newtons             =FREE after (4) $1 off coupons
4 SOBE Lifewaters     =  FREE   combined BOGO sale with BOGO coupons
2 Gatorades                 = $1.99  on sale BOGO
3 Powerades                =$2.25  $1/each and a 75c/3 tearpad coupon next to them
            used $10 ECBs  + tax = $3.25 final total

Budget total left = $2.82!

So I have $2.82 cents left out of my $25.19 I started with this week.  I bought essentials (milk, bread, bananas, gerber meals & lunchables) goodies (fig newtons, protein bars and drinks), good deals (Publix Apple Juice for 50c) and dinner for last night (the Digorno pizza) since I was out late shopping yesterday evening.
Not a bad round-up of items for less than $25!

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