Couponing to Help Others | 2015 Giving Back Backpack Challenge

I love when I can give back through couponing and Back to School time is a great time to help because you can get school supplies for cheap!   Consider picking up a few extra supplies to help out less fortunate students!  You can make a difference with just $5, $3 or even $1!  This time of the year, $1 can buy two boxes of crayons, a bottle of glue and a pack of glue sticks!  It’s a small gesture, but students need these or you can donate them straight to your child’s teacher – she will appreciate them!

For the third time, I’ve been able to participate in the Giving Back Backpack Challenge!  I’m happy to be participating again!

backpackchallenge15finalThis year’s Giving Back event is sponsored by three great sponsors!

Wonderful Pistachios:

  • As kids head back-to-school this fall, Wonderful Pistachios tube packs are the perfect snack options that are both nutritious and delicious.
  • Wonderful Pistachios are the perfect snack because they are as fun to eat as they are good for you! Your kids will love cracking pistachios just as much as eating them.
  • Wonderful Pistachios tube packs are available in Roasted & Salted, Sweet Chili and Salt & Pepper flavors.

Wonderful Almonds:

  • Wonderful Almonds tube packs are the ideal size for kids and a perfect addition to any lunchbox.
  • A serving of Wonderful Almonds fits on a standard sticky note (about 23 almonds).
  • Both varieties of Wonderful Almonds – Roasted & Salted and Natural Raw – are a great source of Vitamin E, and a good source of fiber.

FIJI Water:

  • FIJI Water keeps the whole family hydrated on-the-go and comes in a variety of different sizing perfect for an occasion whether it’s during school, PTA meetings or for school sporting events.
  • FIJI Water recently changed its look with a new label, but still has the same soft mouth-feel and smooth taste. And yes, it really does come from Fiji!
  • FIJI Water even offers a 330mL option, which is the perfect size for your little ones lunchbox or simply on-the-go!

These three sponsors made this event possible by supplying the backpack and $25 to fill it – to 20 different bloggers!  So next time you’re in the store and you see one of these products, you can feel good adding one to your shopping cart!

Giving Back Packs

The backpack I packed will be going to my church who divvies out supplies to families in need during back to school time!  I tried to get a wide range of items but our church had also asked for specific items – like filler paper, mechanical pencils and dry erase markers.  The markers and mechanical pencils were the most expensive items I purchased, but as you can see,  I was still able to get a lot!  The markers were $3 (the most expensive item) and the BIC Mechanical Pencil 5pks were $1.  Everything else was less than $1!

I shopped at Staples one week (where most of the items came from) because they have had the best sales this year and Office Depot the next for a few great penny items!


I had $25 to spend but you can get a lot for just a couple extra bucks and you can help out someone in need!  Don’t know where to donate?  You can drop off extra supplies at your school office or give them directly to your child’s teacher.  Teachers spend so much of their own money that a few extra dollars worth of supplies will be sure to make them smile!

Find more back to school deals every time you see this image!  (Click on it here or on the right side of the page anytime you want to see the current back to school deals!)




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