Baby Formula Samples

These samples do not require that you sign up for a newsletter nor do they send you stuff on a regular basis (like Enfamil and Similac do). They just send you your samples and that’s all.

Free Sample of Member’s Mark Formula (Sam’s Club)

Free Samples of Parents Choice Baby Formulas (Wal-Mart)

Members Mark is offering a sample of their Milk-Based and Gentle kinds. I don’t know if they will send you both if you fill it out once for each one (they probably will…)

But I do know that Parent’s choice offers a sample of their Milk-Based, Gentle and Immune Support. And they will send you a sample of all three. Just fill out the form 3 times, each time requesting a different one.

Look for a post on ways to save on Baby Formula, coming soon. I’m working on it!

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