Toys ‘R Us Liquidation Sales Update 4/17 | Shelves Still Stocked – Pathetic Discounts

Went by our closest “going out of business” Toys ‘R Us today and I have to report back that there is no change since the last time I went about 2 weeks ago.

Percents off are still the same and despite the “Everything Must Go” and “Up to 30% off” signs everywhere, they aren’t really acting like they want everything to go.  Shelves are still nearly fully stocked.

Still just 5% off LEGO.

LEGO (and all other “construction” – Mega Blocks, Duplo, etc) – only discounted 5%.  Given that Toys ‘R Us is usually higher than Amazon, 5% doesn’t even cover the fact that we have to pay 9% sales tax on the purchase.

Fisher-Price and other “Preschool” Toys were discounted 10%.

Imaginext toys also fell in the 10% off sale.

“Action Play”, like Thomas the Train and other wooden train set brands are 10% off.

Also in the 10% off – all Marvel and Nerf toys.

In fact, pretty much everything that’s a toy is 10% off.

If you’re still in the market for a Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack they are now 10% off the insanely low clearance price of $3.98

All Skylanders items are 10% off also (making the Skylanders Imaginators game $44.99) but our store had a ton of Skylanders Superchargers figures clearanced out to $1.98 and part of the 10% off sale


Fingerlings are 10% off the regular retail of $14.99.  Which is the same price (or a few cents more) than Amazon.  And depending on your location and your Toys ‘R Us location, you may pay less tax if you purchase on Amazon (and it gets delivered to you) so I don’t think Toys ‘R Us is going to save you any money on Fingerlings at the moment.  Unless you want one of the Toys ‘R Us specific varieties – in which case, you probably need to go get those while you can.

I did find some accessories in electronics and the entire category of “Robotics” at 15% off.

Clothes are 20% off.

But none of this is really anything to get overly excited about it.  In fact, I’m not even underly excited about it.

Turns out, pretty much the only stuff 30% off is seasonal and party items.  Which is over-priced at Toys ‘R Us to begin with.

So unless you just really need to stock up on wrapping paper, bows, party plates and greeting cards, I wouldn’t rush to Toys ‘R Us just yet.

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