LEGO Price Comparison: Amazon Cheaper than Toys ‘R Us

This begins a busy shopping time for us because not only is Christmas creeping up, but G’s birthday is in October.  So we have TWO lists running right now … the “Everything I want for my Birthday” list and the “Everything I didn’t get for my birthday but want for Christmas” list.

So we were in Toys ‘R Us  looking around and I snapped some pictures of the sets G was most interested in.  I came home and looked them up on Amazon and can you imagine my shock and awe when I saw that most of the sets for $15-$30+ CHEAPER on Amazon!

This is a classic case of price comparing and shopping around really paying off!

So I’ll start with the most shocking savings – the set pictured above – LEGO City 60103 Airport Airshow $99.99 at Toys ‘R Us.  

Amazon’s REGULAR price is only $89.99 but right now the LEGO City 60103 Airport Airshow is only $71.99 on Amazon (with FREE Shipping to boot!) making it $28 cheaper than Toys ‘R Us!  That’s a saving of almost 30% off the Toys ‘R Us price.

G is all into LEGO Nexo Knights and Axl’s Tower Carrier is top on his list.  At Toys ‘R Us, you’ll pay $69.99 for it.

On AmazonLEGO Nexo Knights 70322 Axl’s Tower Carrier is $52.30  – you save $17.69.

Even the NEXO Knights Battle Suits are cheaper on Amazon!  They are $10.99 at Toys ‘R Us.

Amazon has the NEXO Knight Battle Suits for $8.49 – $9.99 depending on which one you get.

Next up on the “Wow, that’s cheaper on Amazon” list…

The LEGO City Airport Passenger Terminal 60104 will set you back $99.99 at Toys ‘R Us.  But if you purchase it from Amazon, you’ll only pay $79.99 – a savings of $20!

And I also factor in that on Amazon, even though I pay sales tax, I don’t pay as much as if I purchase in store.  So that’s even more savings (especially when you’re talking about purchases of $100!  (My LEGO purchases on Amazon today were $153.80 and tax was $11.51.  Even if the cost of the LEGOs were exactly the same in store – which clearly, they were not – I would have paid $15 in tax in store.)

Here’s one more to make note of:

The LEGO Disney Princess Belle’s Enchanted Castle 41067 is $36.99 on Amazon right now – a savings of $13.00 off regular price!  But at Toys ‘R Us you’ll pay the full $49.99 for it.

Don’t forget to price compare before you shop for Christmas gifts!

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