How do you use Walgreens Balance Rewards Program?

Walgreens Balance Rewards Program has ended.

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howtousebalancerewardsatwalgreensHow do you use Balance Rewards at Walgreens?

  • You will have to sign up for the program and get a card to use in stores (can be done in store or online)
  • Earn points for making healthy choices suck as getting an immunization or participating in Walk with Walgreens
  • Points will not expire as long as you shop at Walgreens at least once every six months and redeem points within 12 months.
  • Points can be earned and redeemed in store and online
  • You can use coupons on Balance Rewards Points items.
  • For “dollar requirement points” (i.e. spend $15 earn 3,000 points) the dollar requirement is before coupons are applied.  If your total is $15 before coupons are applied but $10 after coupons are applied, you will get the points.
  • Certain items on sale each week will earn Balance Rewards points
  • Register Rewards are NOT going away
  • You cannot be issued a raincheck for Balance Rewards points even if the Balance Rewards item is out of stock
  • You can redeem AND earn points in the same transaction. BUT only if the deal is “Buy 2 and get 1,000 Points”.   If you have to spend a dollar requirement to earn points (i.e. spend $15 earn 3,000 points) then you can NOT earn and redeem in the same transaction.
  • If your total is $4.99 (before tax) you can redeem 5,000 Bonus Points.  As long as your total is close to the redemption amount the additional cents will go towards paying the sales tax.  But only a few cents.
  • Redemption Dollars will not be paid out in cash or store credit
  • If you return an item paid for with Redemption Dollars, you will receive a store credit for the amount of the item.

Point Value – Redemption Dollars conversion:

balancerewardspointschart5,000 – $5.00
10,000 – $10.00
18,000 – $20.00
30,000 – $35.00
40,000 – $50.00

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