NEW Walgreens Rewards Program! (announced November 2020)

Walgreens is rolling out a NEW rewards program!  I sure hope they’ve worked out all the kinks.  I didn’t love the Balance Rewards and I liked it even less after the changes made two years ago.  So I’m excited to give this new program a chance!

Introducing myWalgreens rewards

Instead of 10 points for every $1 spent, myWalgreens members will earn “Walgreens Cash”. On most purchases, you’ll earn a 1% Walgreens Cash reward (same value as Balance Reward points), with 5% back offered on Walgreens-branded products

Also exciting is that you do not need a loyalty card anymore!

Your current Balance Rewards points will soon be obsolete, but they can be rolled over into the new rewards program. This will not happen automatically, though.

You must opt in to the new myWalgreens rewards program by January 31, 2021, or you will lose your Balance Rewards points. Registration is live, so don’t delay – visit to sign up for the new rewards program and get all those points transferred.  I had $22 in my account.  I’m so glad I got it transferred!


Walgreen’s Beauty Enthusiast program, which earned customers 10% back on beauty, skin, and hair care purchases, was also discontinued on October 31. Beauty rewards will now be rolled into the myWalgreens program, earning 1% back in Walgreens Cash (or 5% back on Walgreens-branded beauty items).


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