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My little guy is a HUGE fan of Curious George.  And I can’t even remember how it came to be.  It just did.  So naturally, when you have a favorite character, you want that for your birthday party.  So Bug’s 5th birthday was a Curious George Carnival Party (he also loves carnivals).

Here’s my best ideas for a Curious George Birthday Party!  (you can find where I got the Curious George Party Supplies here.)

Curious George Party Decorations

I was decorating a very LARGE space (a gym) so there were a lot of things I just couldn’t do.  But I REALLY wanted to do the backdrop with all the circles.  It’s just three sizes of circles cut on different colored paper taped to fishing line.  The “Curious George” circles were part of a printable pack I got from etsy (also where I got the cupcake toppers from.)

For the top of the cupcake stand I made The Man with the Yellow Hat’s yellow hat using a yellow cup, yellow plate and a piece of black ribbon.

Another idea I found that I knew I just had to do was have everyone that was there sign a copy of Curious George for Bug. I put the book and a pen at the entrance with a sign that said, “When I’m older I’ll be very CURIOUS about who celebrated with me. Please leave me a note for me to read.”

For Party Favors, I purchased Curious George storybooks for the kids. This is actually not as expensive as you might think – I actually came out cheaper than if I had bought party bags and filled them with candy and trinkets the kids don’t need anyway. You can purchase this Curious George Around Town (6 Volume Set) or if you like the newer version of Curious George, this Reading Fun with Curious George Boxed Set for $2 or less per book.  I wasn’t worried about every kid not getting the same book.  Plus, I didn’t have to worry about someone getting a book they already had since they had a few titles to choose from.

We also had a table with crayons and Curious George coloring sheets.  That was a HUGE hit.  When everyone got tired of running around they sat down to color pictures.


Curious George Party FoodCurious George Party Food Ideas

For the food we had:

  • hot dogs
  • popcorn
  • Curious George Fruit Snacks  (You can get these at Winn-Dixie, Dollar Tree and Dollar General).
  • a Banana Split Bar – which was a HUGE hit!

Are you having a Curious George Birthday Party?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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