Curious George Party Supplies

My little guy is a HUGE fan of Curious George.  And I can’t even remember how it came to be.  It just did.  So naturally, when you have a favorite character, you want that for your birthday party.  So Bug’s 5th birthday was Curious George!

We have a knack for picking character parties that aren’t “mainstream”.  You won’t find the supplies we need at Dollar Tree or Walmart (or Target…)  Believe me, I looked.   I did a Thomas the Train party when he was two.  Occasionally I’ll see some Thomas stuff NOW but in early 2010 when I needed it, I couldn’t find it.  He wanted a Pirate/Jake and the Neverland Pirates party when he was four – this was BEFORE the Pirate craze hit and before Jake was as popular as it is now.  Trust me, I BEGGED Party City for Jake stuff and they’re like “We’ll probably have in about 6 months when it’s more popular.”

Fortunately for me, that’s when I found – they saved the day for the pirate party.  So naturally, when nary a Curious George thing was to be found in any stores, I turned to them again for Curious George Party Supplies!

Their Curious George Deluxe Party Pack added just the right touch to the party!

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And after the party we took everything home for our special birthday lunch the next day on his actual birthday.  :) provided the Curious George Party Pack for my party in exchange for this post.  No other compensation was received.

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