Homemade Preschool Game: Alphabet Cookie Sheet Activity (+FREE printables)

Here’s a great way to reinforce letter learning in your preschooler with items you have lying around or that you can pick up for cheap!

You will need:

  • a cookie sheet (I picked up an extra one for $.59 at the thrift store)
  • Alphabet magnets (small – no more than 2″ tall – you can usually find some at the dollar store)
  • one of the learning mat printables (below)

In my preschool class, one of our table center toys that I rotate out has always been a cookie sheet with ABC magnets.  The kids like it because the magnets stick to the pan and they like to try to put them in order, spell their names, etc.  But I’ve kicked it up a notch with some learning mats to help guide them while they are playing with the toy.

I’ve made three different printables based level.  Click on the links above the pictures to download a printable version.

One contains all the ABCs so your child can match them with the magnets.

Alphabet Letter Mat 1






The second just contains the first letter in each row.  This is helpful for the child that can recognize all their letters and say and put them in order but is still learning the left-to-right reading rhythm.

Alphabet Letter Mat 2






The third one contains A and Z and is for the child who is ready to master it all on their own!

Alphabet Letter Mat 3






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