Preschool Letter Learning: Games, Books, Ideas, Lessons + FREE Printables

If you’re “preschooling” your preschooler because (a) you intend to homeschool or (b) you want them to be prepared when they start school you have to start with the basics.

While most of what I teach in a preschool setting is done by “units”, the alphabet encompasses the whole year.  It’s not something you can teach in a week or two.  We take each letter a week at a time and learn what it is, what sound it makes, how to write it, etc.

I would encourage you to tackle the alphabet at a similar pace tailored to your preschooler.  Alternately, you can do two a week (if they catch on quickly) or spend a week on the letters in their name (especially if they are already familiar with those) before moving on to the other letters at the one or two a week pace.

Here some games and ideas to help reinforce the letters that you are teaching.

Happy Letter Learning!

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