CVS Green Bag Tag

At CVS they sell a “Green Bag Tag”. You purchase it for 99c, attach it to your favorite reusable bag and have it scanned every trip. After 4 scans you get 1 ECB. You are limited to one Green Bag Tag scan per day.

It’s removable, so what I do is keep it on my purse strap. Then when I get to the store, I strap it on my bag (I keep reusable bags in the car so I always have some with me), make my purchases, and when I get to the car I put it back on my purse. That way I don’t run the risk of it being on a reusable bag that’s at home.  :)

You can use it even if you’re just picking up something at the pharmacy! As long as you are going in and not using the drive thru window.  I’ve also used it when picking up pictures.

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