What’s in your mailbox today?

Well, that picture didn’t turn out quite as well as I thought.  
In my mail today I had:
  • Purina One cat food sample (yay! the kitty actually likes it) and a coupon!
  • Gerber coupons
  • Starbucks Via sample from Costco
  • Lowe’s Bill.  Why did I add this, you ask?  Because it’s our LAST one.  We were in desperate need of a riding lawnmower and new weed-eater last summer so we financed it for a year with no interest.  I’m going to mail off this payment and we’re finished!  That’ll free up $100 each month.  Which will help us pay for the $7000 eye surgery.

All You.com is doing the daily free sample everyday this month.  Check it out!

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