Fetch Rewards: Look at these Offers!

Have you opened your Fetch app recently?  They had an update recently and I’m LOVING all the new offers!

If you haven’t opened your app lately, you need to check it out.  The offers are getting better every day!

Check out this OLIPOP deal at Publix with Fetch!

Fetch Rewards takes receipts from any grocery store and places like restaurants and convenience stores!

That’s easy points right there!  Points that can be turned into gift cards!

Not familiar with Fetch Rewards?  Keep reading about why I like it!

Here’s a video tutorial on how to use it but if you prefer to read, keep scrolling past the video.

What’s so great about Fetch Rewards?  


You have 14 days to scan a receipt – great for people like me that usually forget!

Plus, you can get bonus points for “Special Offers” too!   Browse the special offers section for specific products that are offering bonus points.

Use this link when you sign up and you’ll start out with 2000 points!

Find “Fetch Rewards” in the App Store on your phone and don’t forget to put in  NJ0MU (that’s a zero in the middle)  when it asks for a referral code for your 1,500 points!

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