CVS Carepass is now Extracare Plus | I Still Love It and I’ll Tell You Why

I’ve been using (and telling you about) CVS Carepass for about two years now.   Well, Carepass is now called Extracare+ (Extracare Plus).

It’s still the EXACT same program.  None of the features have changed.  Just it’s name.   Not to be confused with CVS Extracare – which is the free membership rewards program.

So if you’ve been a CVS Extracare member forever that’s the same.  Still free, will always be free.  But the $5/month membership is now Extracare+.

Now, I am not a big “subscription” person or “pay extra for convenience” person.  But I LOVE CVS Extracare+ and gladly spend the $5/month on it.  Because I am able to save so much on my CVS trips.

Check out this particular visit.  Look specifically at the Subtotal (above my index finger) and the Today You Saved (beside my thumb):

My Subtotal (before taxes) was $44.94.  The amount I saved was $66.59.  That means that without coupons & deals. the items I purchased would’ve been $101.53 before tax.  But all my coupons and deals brought it down to $44.94.  That’s a straight up 60% savings!

Now, what does this have to do with Extracare+?  Well, part of my savings was my $10 Extracare+ reward I get every month.  And another large chunk of what I saved was the 30% off non-sale items coupon they mail me once every 6 weeks or so (it’s also available in the app if you have Extracare+).  That alone saved me $7.39.  I actually got the toilet paper that wasn’t on sale because there was a $3 off CVS coupon in the app for it and with that and the 30% off it was actually cheaper than the one that was “on sale”.   I also saved 30% off CVS laundry detergent – that also ended up being cheaper at regular price + my 30% off than the “on sale” brand.  With the 30% off coupon, you essentially get to make your own sales!

I really love CVS Carepass! It has increased my savings. I’ve become more loyal to shopping only CVS (instead of bouncing from CVS to Walgreens to follow the deals) because with Carepass, I can make my own deals at CVS – saving me time and money!

What is CVS Extracare+?

Extracare+is a CVS subscription service much like Amazon Prime or Walmart+.  For $5 a month, enjoy in‐store and online perks that make healthier easier:

  • 20% off CVS Health brand products: Your discount on 1,000s of products is already on your ExtraCare® card.* Just shop and save!
  • $10 monthly promo reward 
  •  a monthly promo reward to spend on something just for you (this is usually the 30% off non-sale items coupon)
  • FREE same-day Rx delivery:Save time and stress less. Have eligible prescriptions and CVS® essentials delivered right to your door in hours. (service not available in all areas)
  • FREE 1 to 2 day shipping: Skip a trip. Get FREE 1 to 2 day shipping when you add at least one CarePass eligible item to your basket.* Look for the CarePass badge on 1,000s of items.
  • 24/7 Pharmacist Helpline

Why would you want to pay $5 a month for this service?

Simple. Every month you get a $10 Carepass coupon to use. So for $5 a month you get $10 to spend in store plus all the other listed benefits – including 20% off all CVS Health brand items, all day, every day.

The best way to keep up with all your benefits is in the CVS app.

The app will list all your available rewards.  You should already be using it with your Extra Care Bucks anyway – much easier than keeping up with paper ones!  And now with CVS’ changes to their quarterly Extra Bucks – you can see exactly how much you’ve earned and load it to your card to spend from the app!

Along with the Extracare+ monthly $10, you save 20% off CVS Health brand items – which is great when you need to purchase something that’s not on sale.

And I’ve noticed an increase in other coupons that continue to reset week after week. I love the $2/$8 deodorant coupon- I use aluminum-free deodorants and they don’t often have the great sales others do…with this coupon I can make my own sale!

And the $1/$4 cooler beverages coupon is great because I almost always need to pick up some cold drinks when I’m in the store!

Have you tried Extracare+?