­čŹĽNational Pizza Day | Deals for February 9, 2024

Pizza is wildly popular. ┬áObviously. ┬áBecause pizza has it’s own national day, week and month – none of which coincide. ┬áFebruary 9, 2022, is National Pizza DAY! ┬á(National Pizza Week was back in January, there is a National Pizza PARTY Day in May and National Pizza Month isn’t until October).

Here are the deals I’ve found for national pizza day.┬á If you have a local pizza place, they may be having a special also.┬á This list is mostly large chains.

I’m currently searching for more pizza deals!

National Pizza Day Deals

Cici’s Pizza

Enjoy the famous pizza buffet on Mondays and Tuesdays for just $4.99 for a limited time – which does NOT fall on National Pizza Day, so make note!


You can choose a mix-and-match deal, which gives you the option to pick any two or more items for $6.99 each. ThereÔÇÖs also a carryout deal that features a one-topping pizza, dips and twists, or eight wings for $7.99 each.┬á I highly recommend the Domino’s app for the best savings at Domino’s!

Little Caesar’s

Pick your deal from Little Caesar’s – get the Slices-N-Stix deal starting at $6.99 (four pieces of pizza and eight Italian cheese sticks with crazy sauce). For $1 more add bacon bits or jalapenoÔÇÖs to your Slices-N-Stixs. Add an order of Crazy bread to any order over $10 for just $0.99 with code 99CRAZY, valid through March 3.

Marco’s Pizza

Get a combo deal for two medium one topping pizzas, an order of cheezybread and a 2-liter for $21.99 (use code: HD189). Or get Pizzoli for just $5.99 with code PIZZOLI.



If you want a different spin on traditional pizza this week, try my family’s favorite Pizza Casserole!


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