Snack Pack Pudding Cups 4 Count 12 Packs for 12 Bucks!

I remember when you could get these for a buck at the grocery store during a good sale.  Not anymore!  Which is what makes this a stellar deal!

Hop over to Amazon where Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding Cups, (4 Count, 12 packs)  for $12.00 – making it just a buck per 4 count!

You can choose from Chocolate, Banana Creme, Lemon and Sugar-Free Vanilla – all are marked down to $12.00!  (Other flavors are other prices.)

Want an even better deal?  Add it to your Subscribe & Save order to get it for $11.40 (or less if you have 5 or more items in your order) and score free shipping!

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