Puzzle Deals for National Puzzle Month | January 29th is National Puzzle Day

national puzzle day

January 29th, 2024, is National Puzzle Day although some sources are saying all of January is National Puzzle MONTH.  Which makes sense because a good puzzle may take you a month to put together!

We love doing puzzles at our house.  If you’re lacking in puzzles, you should get some.  They’re great fun and with everything from toddler puzzles, to 24 & 48 piece puzzles to 1000 piece puzzles and even 3D puzzles, working puzzles is something the whole family can do!

The thing I love about puzzles is that it doesn’t matter WHAT you love or are interested in, you can probably find a puzzle in that topic!

Have you ever done an ESCAPE PUZZLEYou have to put the puzzle together so you can solve the mystery!  Ravensburger has a whole line of Escape Puzzles – that will make for a fun family game night – maybe a whole week of nights!

The LEGO Minifigure Puzzle is a favorite in our house.  We’ve done it many times and it’s really fun to do!  And it goes great with the fact that International LEGO Day is January 28th.

Also, under our tree last Christmas was one of these gorgeous Elena Essex Puzzles!  It’s the 1000 piece Rainbow Kingdom puzzle and I just love all the animals!




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