{Walmart Black Friday} Hover-1 Rebel Hoverboard for $98


Here’s your Black Friday Hoverboard deal!

Hover-1 Rebel Hoverboard for Teens, LED Headlights, 6 mph Max Speed, Black is $98 as part of Walmart’s Black Friday sale!

The rebel hoverboard is designed for cool kids and teens up to 130 lbs. With a tough outer shell and a 6 mph max speed, the rebel features front and wheel-LED lights to light up your way. Every Hover-1 design is stress-tested by the toughest critics, from the toughest kids on the block who know what they like, to the demands of parents and grandparents who know what they want. You’ll know you love us too, by the smile on your face as you have fun with our renewables.

  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Motor Power: 220W
  • Max Distance: 3 Miles
  • Lights: Front and Wheel LEDs
  • Max Weight 130lbs
  • Max speed: 6 MPH
  • Front & wheel LED lights

Tips for buying a Hoverboard from someone who has bought one:

  • Check the weight limit.  I bought one for my son 2 years ago – he was 13.  The cheapest ones were only rated for 130 lbs and I knew that wouldn’t work for him.
  • Consider where it will be used and opt for better wheels if outdoor riding is the goal.
  • Skip lots of excess lights and music – it affects battery life.



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