PUMA Black Friday sales up to 60% off!

With a very opinionated teenager in the house, I find myself branching out and shopping for Christmas at places I’m not accustomed to shopping. Gone are the days of finding everything I need on Amazon and at Target.

So I’m shopping PUMA’s Black Friday sales so I can get him a very specific pair of shoes that he wants.

Black Friday deals are up to 60% off at PUMA.  PLUS, use code BLACKFRIDAY for an additional 20% off.  (It says to download the app to use the code – but I used it shopping on my computer and it applied!)

PUMA x LAMELO BALL Dream NITRO™ MB.02 Slides are just $27.99 right now in case you’re curious.  Just $22.39 after code BLACKFRIDAY.

Not that I am getting them or anything.  Just thought I’d point that out.

Kidding.  I’m totally getting them.  My 15 year old is insistent that he needs these.

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