Dollar General App: NEW FEATURES!

Have you opened your Dollar General App recently?  There are NEW things to see!

Not only are there coupons in the Dollar General app but now there is also CASH BACK.

Now earn cash back at Dollar General on select items!   Cash back can be redeemed in store on a future purchase.



Now, when you’re clipping your coupons in the Dollar General app, look and see if if it says SAVE or EARN.

SAVE will be coupons off at the register and EARN will be offers that give you cash back later!

Just a note, you can’t combine a Dollar General digital coupon AND a Cash Back offer on the same item at the same time.  If both are saved, the coupon will be applied and you won’t get cash back.

They key to this new system is making sure you USE your cash back after you’ve earned it.  Just like ExtraCare Bucks at CVS, if you don’t use them, they don’t save you any money.

Are you ready to try out this new way to save at Dollar General?

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