Have you ever used a Laundry Ball?

Do you know what this is? It’s a LAUNDRY BALL. We’re discussing it over on the Facebook page if you want to chime in.

What is a laundry ball?  It’s a replacement for detergent!  This one laundry ball (this particular one on Amazon is under $10) will do up to 15o0 loads of laundry!

Compatible with any washing machine. Wash all kinds of clothes. Cheaper than detergents. Hypo-allergenic-great for sensitive skin.

Reduces scale, rust, and lime build-up in washing machines and pipes.

For better efficiency, place washing ball in the sun for a few hours every month to regenerate ceramic micro-beads.

So, I gotta know, would you try a laundry ball?  Do you already use one?  What a SAVINGS!  Imagine not having to buy detergent anymore?

Shop Amazon for Laundry Balls.





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