Dial Liquid Hand Soap cheaper at Dollar Tree

I know we are all still salty about Dollar Tree going up to the Dollar-and-a-Quarter Tree BUT there are still deals to be had there!

I found Dial Liquid Hand Soap 7.5oz for $1.25.

How does that stack up to other stores?

At CVS, the 11oz Dial Soap is $3.99.   Of course bigger would cost more, but let’s do the math.  Two 7.5oz at Dollar Tree = 15oz and would cost you $2.50.  MORE product that CVS for a buck-fifty less!

Walmart has the 11oz for $2.47.  If we apply the same math, you can buy two at Dollar Tree (15oz worth) for the same as 11oz costs at Walmart!

What good Dollar Tree finds have you found lately?  I’ve got another one to tell you about later!

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