CVS Bargain Brag: What $22 Got Me | This is why I coupon

I went to CVS yesterday and I posted this picture on my Facebook page and we played a little game of “what did I pay?”  And now I’m going to tell you!

As you can see, there’s not that much in my cart.  But, the Native deodorants are over $13 regular price.  (Aluminum-free deodorant that works and doesn’t break your skin out because it’s 90% baking soda is EXPENSIVE!  Worth it for your health, but expensive – so I love when I can find a deal!)

The only things “on sale” where the Charmin and the All laundry detergent.  Everything else was at regular shelf price. But, I had a 25% off all regular price items from CVS Carepass,

CVS Carepass provides are regular 20% to 30% off coupons (at least one a month) that are valid on NON-sale merchandise.  So 20-30% off anything at regular price – which is basically a “create your own sale” coupon.  And this coupon is stackable with other coupons.  Other coupons come off first, and then the 30% comes off.  This often makes non-sale items a great deal!

Now let’s get to the results…

At Register Price$98.58

This is what it all rang up as before tax.  Obviously, if two of the items hadn’t been on sale, it would’ve been more.  But we’re just going with the ring up price.  $98 feels a bit ridiculous for all that so I’m glad that’s not what I paid.  (And I hope no one else out there is spent that much on so little!)

Paid at register: $48.90

That’s after all coupons at the register, including the $17.78 in ECBs I had to spend.  The rest of the coupons were all CVS digital coupons in the app (including the 25% off).  That’s a 50% savings but it still feels ridiculous.

Ibotta Cash Back

This is where it gets good!  I had several Ibotta offers!  I had $11.92 cash back in offers from Ibotta PLUS, I hit a bonus level and got another $5 back.  That’s $16.92 total cash in my pocket within hours of leaving the store.

So at this point it looks like this:

At register: $98.58
minus coupons at register = $48.90
minus $16.92 in cash back = $31.98

And then the final thing – $10 in ECBs back from CVS to use on a future purchase.

That makes it like paying $21.98 for everything in the picture.

That comes out to about $1.83 per item.

This is why I coupon, y’all.

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