FREE Audio Books for Teens this summer!

Most of the summer reading programs are geared towards younger kids but if you’ve got a teen at home that loves books and specifically AUDIO BOOKS, there’s a FREE summer reading program just for them!

SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens ages 13 and up, and now it’s back with another summer of free content! Registration for the 2023 summer season is now open and FREE to all teens 13+.

This year’s summer reading program will span 14 weeks and last through August 2nd. Each week, SYNC participants will receive two thematically paired audiobooks delivered through Sora Reading, the student version of the OverDrive app. By the end of the program, teens will have had the opportunity to listen to a total of 28 new titles!

This is where I would highly recommended checking over the books that will be included to make sure the content, maturity level, subject matter, etc are appropriate for your child(ren).  BUT with that said, some of the books look incredibly interesting!

You can head on over here to see the complete list of free Sora books available this summer.  When you sign up, you can use your own email address so you’ll be notified of the new titles each week so you can stay up on what your teen is reading/listening too.

And don’t forget, if you have a library card, your teen can have access to THOUSANDS of audio books through the OverDrive app so they aren’t limited by just the free titles this program is offering!  Get them hooked on audio books today!

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